ClipCroc® Dish Set (pack of 4). ‘Clip-together’ Crockery.

$32.95 AUD

  • ClipCroc® Dish Set. Pack of 4. Made from durable polypropylene plastic.
  • Perfect for Camping, Motorhomes, Caravans, BBQs, Picnics, Kids, Boats, Pools & Deckings, Home & Garden
  • Clip-together Dish design allows all dishes to ‘clip’ together for easy use and transportation
  • ClipQuiet™ – unique anti-rattle design
  • ClipClean™ – clip dirty crockery together for cleaning later!
  • ClipCool™ – Clip two together to create a heat-insulating barrier – no more hot hands of laps!
  • Please see ALL Features in ‘Description’ below:


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ClipCroc® Dish Set. Pack of 4. Available in colours: Midnight Black, Ice White, Sky Blue, Rose Pink.

The world’s first ‘clip-together’ crockery range is perfect for any outdoor eating occasion! It’s packed with unique features and perfect for Camping, Motorhomes, Caravans, Boats, Picnics, BBQs, Pools, Kids, Deckings or around the Home & Garden! 


CLIPCROC®: Uses ClipLip technology™ to become the World’s first clip-together crockery!

CLIPQUIET™: Unique anti-rattle design ensuring the ultimate peace and quiet.

CLIPCLEAN™: Clip dirty crockery together for cleaning later!

CLIPCOOL™: Clip two together to create a heat-insulating barrier – no more hot hands or laps!

CLIPGREEN™: Reusable ClipCroc® helps eliminate 500+ BILLION ‘single-use’ plates, bowls, dishes & cups from landfill p/a. 

FOOD GRADE: Made with Food Grade Polypropylene that’s FDA approved, BPA free, dishwasher & freezer safe!

LOW PROFILE STACKING:  Ultra-compact design since we know just how important space is.

ANTI-SLIP BASE: Smart base design, ensuring your crockery stays put, whether in your hand, lap or table.

SAFESTACK™: ClipCroc® can be safely and securely stacked and free from falling whether on a boat, RV or caravan.

WIPE CLEAN: A glossy eating surface ensures ClipCroc® is one of the most wipe-clean ranges on the market!

SHAKE DRY: Give your ClipCroc® a couple of shakes after washing to dry almost immediately.

MIX AND MATCH: All colours clip to all colours allowing you to create your own unique personalised colour combinations!

PATENTED: Our unique and innovative designs are World’s first and patented.

MADE IN AUSTRALIA: All ClipCroc® products are proudly designed & manufactured in Australia.

After all these fantastic features, there’s only one question left to ask. When’s your next adventure?

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Additional information

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Dimensions 22.5 × 22.5 × 5 cm

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  1. Mike Walkden (verified owner)

    So previously we used paper plates, not realising once soiled they can’t be recycled. We therefore tried several options to suit our needs-Cheap plastic plates were simply that, they twisted and cracked and ended up as more landfill.
    A friend recommended we try Wandspro – initially I was slightly dubious as to how they would be any better than previous options but I was soon converted.
    The crockery is really stiff and doesn’t suffer from ‘twist’ at all. The subtle ‘click’ assures you the items are connected and food waste remains in place until you are ready to wash up. I also love that kids dropping them (as they often do whilst ‘helping clean up ’!!) hasn’t affected them at all, they stay clipped together and not all over the camp.
    We initially bought a small set of dishes and bowls but will soon be buying more as they’re ideal for the garden, not just camping.
    Thanks Wandspro 🙂

  2. Ailsa Cameron (verified owner)

    Great products! I have had the whole collection for 6 months now and love them! We mainly use them when we go camping and I would not use anything now. Loving the expanding range and colours. I am keeping an eye out for any new products that may be coming. Thanks WandsPro!

  3. Pete – Party of 6 camping on Frazer Island (verified owner)

    Took my ClipCroc to Frazer island for a week-long camping trip with friends. 😊 The crockery packed perfectly into my Ute and I love the fact they clip together helping to keep all my tableware in one place! Great crockery sets and especially easy to clean with just cold water. I also used the ‘ClipClean’ function overnight so I could wash them up in the morning when it was day light – very handy feature WandsPro team!

  4. Susan Toft (verified owner)

    Great products, easy to clean, clip together feature helps with packing and with hot food! Love them! 😉

  5. Lynn – Family of 5, Sunshine Coast, Qld (verified owner)

    What a great product! We used ClipCroc on our recent camping holiday to North Stradbroke Island and loved every one of their fabulous design features. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks, these plates, bowls and dishes were used extensively and were easily cleaned, clipped and stacked afterwards. We even clipped them together while dirty, for later cleaning and there was no leakage! Fabulous product – I especially loved that there was no annoying rattling sound in the back of the car!

  6. Mike & Lynda – Adelaide SA, Weekend Campers (verified owner)

    It’s official! ClipCroc is ‘wipe-clean’! Well, yesterday ended up being lazier than planned (gotta love camping!) and I didn’t get to wash yesterday’s breakfast plates until this morning. However, the polished finish must be celebrated as the hero as the food remnants literally just rinsed off. Admittedly I found a hot tap in the camp kitchen but I would suggest soaked-on sauce on a conventional plate would have been far more stubborn to remove. Camping shouldn’t be a case of needing to “rough it” and with the right products you can be as comfortable as at home. I think the (right) choice of crockery adds to this!

  7. Oliver Wadhams (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Makes camping soooooo much easier! Recommend all the time to friends and family.

  8. Joahna Doe – Gold Coast (verified owner)

    Love, love, love ClipCroc! My crockery cupboard is now tidy and organized!.. and looks amazing!!

  9. Celeste Leachman (verified owner)

    yes I do recommend this one

  10. Daniel Proctor – Backpacker + Camper (verified owner)

    Fantastic product! Enviro friendly, easy to clean, pack and use and great to travel with. I just love the way they all clip together so they don’t rattle around when I go camping! Quiet crockery that’s easy to pack, stack and transport! I would highly recommend 🙂

  11. Lara Juzz (verified owner)

    I bought the ClipCroc after seeing it on a camping page. It’s compact, saves lots of space in our little camper & is easy to clean & store great product just wish I had found it sooner.

  12. Dayle Nixon (verified owner)

    Bought most of the range that is offered and the product is brilliant. No more slipping around in the caravan for us,put them in place and they stay. The way they clip together is brilliant as well so you can save space. We all need to get behind Aussie products and services and this product is brilliant. Postage was awesome and only took a couple of days to arrive. Thanks for a brilliant product that will last us years.👍👍👍🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺.

  13. Kristyne Petith (verified owner)

    Excellent products – i purchased them for our caravan as they clip together & don’t slide around like my old melamine plates did. Good quality product

  14. Dave Earea (verified owner)

    So much better in real life than i expected! And I expected lots! Awesome product made by Awesome people! And Aussie made!! Thanks to the whole Clip Croc team!! 😊

  15. Rachel Hazell (verified owner)

    Fantastic product! Wish I had found them earlier as I have wasted money on melamine sets that slip around inside the caravan cupboard. These are light and open up storage options due to their clip locking design. Love them and have been spruking on our van brands owners page!

  16. Kerri Welsh – Sunshine Coast (verified owner)

    What can I say about the ‘ClipCroc’ crockery range! – They have made cleaning up after our family BBQs a joy! Fantastic design, lightweight, easy to store and wipe clean plates, bowls etc. I love how light and easy they are to pack and carry… and I must admit it is a very satisfying ‘clip’! Great product.

  17. Anthony + Michelle – Brisbane. (verified owner)

    Love, love, love ClipCroc! I’m an RV owner and my crockery cupboard is now tidy and organized!.. I took my plates, bowls and cup sets to Double Island Point and love them! I bought them because they are Australian made and I’m very impressed as to how strong and durable they are.

  18. Andrew – Scotland Outdoor enthusiast (verified owner)

    Love my Cups, Plates and Bowls sets. 👍 I eat on my decking/outside all summer long and wanted something durable, stackable and easy to grab – ClipCroc does all this and more. I find I rinse them under the hot tap, give them a shake and they’re virtually dry immediately. I bought in pink and blue and love the colours.

  19. Karen Lee (verified owner)

    Placed my order last Sunday got delivered today, service was fantastic. Just love my new crockery for our caravan. Great size plates, bowls and cups

  20. Alan Goodridge (verified owner)

    Purchased a set of the plates, bowls & cups recently. Clip together well & stay together. Great quality and fast delivery.

  21. Catherine Smith – Victoria (verified owner)

    Love the colours & easy storage. Have bought many plates, bowls for camping over the years, but this product easily the best. Aussie made too. Going to buy some for the family for Christmas.

  22. Peter Hosking (verified owner)

    Absolute fantastic service to start with! Saves so much space in our caravan and weight. No more rattles and having to secure crockery like we have had to. Australian designed and made what more could you ask for! 😃👍👌 We bought all the range and we are absolutely impressed with the quality and design. Will definitely be buying more for ourselves and as presents for our traveling companions.

  23. Bec Hillary (verified owner)

    Omg my sets just arrived, and I can’t be happier. The delivery was quick, and the packaging was amazing. The dishes, bowls and cups are amazing and are getting a good work out in Exmouth. They will be a full-time addition in our van while we travel Australia. Will happily share photos and highly recommend these to anyone camping or travelling. Thanks guys 😊

  24. Dan Tolley (verified owner)

    This type of crockery is the best, such a good idea for camping or at home the quality of them is awesome. Being able to clip them together saves on storage and also annoying rattles or breakages that normal crockery gives you. Extremely good product.

  25. Ken, motorhome owner, QLD (verified owner)

    Well we took all the old crockery out of the cupboard in our motorhome and installed the ClipCroc which only took up half the room and doesn’t rattle when we’re driving 👌 After using it for the first time we were very happy with the ease of cleaning. Unfortunately, because of a fridge problem we had to come home after the first night, but I’m sure we are going to love this product.

  26. Lauren Field (verified owner)

    We just received our plates and bowls and they are really well made.
    The customer service from Chris was outstanding.
    I would recommend WandsPro. 😊

  27. Jo Do (verified owner)

    I just purchased this products. So great. Fast delivery. Strong recommend

  28. Carolyn Wight (verified owner)

    We were really happy to get behind this Aussie product! Prompt communication and delivery.
    We chose the Dish x4 in the gorgeous blue and are very happy.
    It’s a great size for a sandwich lunch or an evening campfire dinner! … very versatile!
    Love that they clip together so well and doesn’t rock around in the camper cupboard.
    I wish I had seen this ClipCroc range before buying other products but will replace our existing camping crockery over time as we need 😊

  29. Brenda McKay (verified owner)

    Super-fast delivery, outstanding customer service and a great product. I purchased the full range. Space saving & durable …. worth every cent.

  30. Renae Thelander (verified owner)

    The most beautiful dishes to take camping, to picnics or even to use around the home. Beautifully made and of a really good quality. Not to mention the excellent service and speedy delivery. I love that I am supporting an Australian made business that created this product. So SO happy with my purchase! 👍

  31. Karen Speldewinde (verified owner)

    Just fitted out our new camper with new crockery. Looks and feels great. I was amazed how lightweight it is and how easily it all fits together.

  32. Diane Murphy (verified owner)

    They take up no room in the cupboard, are sturdy and easy to clean, look good what a great product 👍

  33. Karen Evans (verified owner)

    Awesome experience purchasing from this company! Quick delivery, products are as advertised. We purchased the full range for our caravan adventures….
    Lightweight yet sturdy, cleans easily, packs away neatly…no fuss,
    just what we wanted! Would recommend without hesitation…these will last for years.

  34. Jo Burnie – REDBANK QLD (verified owner)

    Best decision we ever made. ClipCroc allowed us to take another 10kilos out of the van which doesn’t sound much but every kilo counts! Also got me back a cupboard which will allow me to carry more dry food. Again, fantastic choice, fantastic product. I’ll be recommending them to other caravan owners 😊 Hope your business grows – actually I believe your business will grow because you have a great product!

  35. Loraine Bunt (verified owner)

    Wow, exceptional customer service and very speedy delivery. I thought the prices were very good as well.
    A very impressive product, Such a simple thing to make picnics more manageable.
    Congratulations on pursuing your idea to creation, well done.
    A great idea for Xmas presents.

  36. Cherryl Roden-Walker (verified owner)

    Just got my order can’t wait to use them. Service was fantastic I wasn’t expecting to get them so soon. Thank you everyone 🚐

  37. Jen Donnelly (verified owner)

    Just received my order, great quality, really happy with my purchase. Great customer service 👍😎

  38. Tegan Summerhayes (verified owner)

    Just wanted to thank the team at WandsPro very very much for our plates and cups we bought. We purchased a set for our caravan and am absolutely in love with them!! 🥰 🥰 🥰 Cannot wait to buy more for the home as well! So happy, highly recommend!! Thanks again guys!

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