The Crockery That 'CLIPS'

Welcome to ClipCroc®

Imagine a peaceful road trip where the crockery in the back of your car, caravan or boat is simply silent! Or packing for that picnic, camp trip or BBQ is quick and easy. Perhaps your searching for an easier and cleaner way to store your dirty dishes for washing later at a more convenient time? Or you're looking for a tableware range that stacks safely in your motorhome cupboards? The journey to the most practical tableware is over. Simply clip your plates, dishes, bowls or cups together for an anti-rattle, easily stacked & packed, hassle-free life! ClipCroc® has arrived!
Who is ClipCroc® for?

1 Range: 1000 Uses!

ClipCroc has been designed for every type of adventure:
  • Camping, Backpacking, Outdoor Eating
  • Caravans, Motorhomes, Camp Trailers, Travel, Car Journeys
  • Boats, Sailing, Water Sports, Surfing, Fishing
  • BBQs, Picnics, Pools, Decking, Beach
  • Home & Garden, Kids, Travel and activities!
  • Take-Away food, Food courts, Cafes, 'Bring-you-own' tableware!

Quick, Quiet, Clean, Green & Cool!

WandsPro® have designed the world’s first clip together crockery range. ClipCroc® is a revolutionary take on your outdoor and camping tableware and is feature packed! The unique designs ensure your crockery is now completely rattle free, so you can travel by car, caravan, motorhome and boat in peace and quiet. Your stack of plates, dishes and bowls will pack and stack conveniently, and will never be too hot to handle! Check out ClipCroc® features below:
ClipCroc by Wandspro can be clipped together for anti-rattle and no noise


Our unique design brings to life an anti-rattle, stress reducing feature ensuring your journey is travelled in peace and quiet.


You decide a convenient time to clean your dishes. Clip your crockery together, contain the mess, and save the washing up for later.

The ClipCool feature in ClipCroc by Wandspro allows crockery to be clipped together locking an air insulation for the coolest hands in the camp site


A simply brilliant method to reduce heat transfer to your lap or hands. The air space between two ClipCroc™ provides great insulation.

Wandspro uses only food grade plastic in ClipCroc


We only use FDA approved, BPA free, food grade Polypropylene. ClipCroc™ is dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.




No fuss, no mess, no noise, no rubbish!…check out ClipCroc's fantastic features:


Unique clip-together and anti-rattle design ensuring the ultimate peace and quiet wherever your journey takes you.


Easy cleaning! Simply contain the mess by clipping used crockery together for dishwashing at home!


For the coolest hands in the campsite! Simply clip two together to lock in an air insulation core and enjoy your hot meal in comfort! No more hot hands or laps.


We only use Food Grade Polypropylene that’s FDA approved, BPA free and dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.



      We use a low density, hard wearing polypropylene giving you durable lightweight crockery. Perfect for backpack, picnic or hike.


      ClipCroc’s smart base finger grips are positioned for user-friendly handling with a practical non-slip design ensuring your crockery stays put.


      Easy to stack and ready to pack, now you can take your kitchen sink! ClipCroc® is low-profile and safe to stack and store in your boat, caravan and kitchen cupboards.


      WandsPro’s unique and innovative designs are a world’s first. We hope you love the designs and features the ClipCroc® range offers.

      HOW CLIPCROC® and ClipLip™ Technology works! 

      square how it works 3

      How to 'Clip' or 'Unclip'

      To ‘clip’ together simply align each piece of tableware and ‘squeeze’ together! To ‘unclip’ gently pull apart with a gentle twist 🙂

      How to Un-clip the Cup?

      We find that gently ‘twisting’ and ‘pulling’ the cups apart at the same time is the easiest way!

      How to 'Clip' the plates together!

      To clip the plates together simply orientate one of the ‘overhangs’ over the plate below and then squeeze the ‘opposite overhang’ at the VERY edge between your fingertips! It will ‘clip’ into place without any real force required!

      Using the 'Pull-Tab' to 'Unclip'?

      We designed all ClipCroc® with a ‘Pull-Tab’ for easy separation. If you find it easier then please use the ‘pull-tabs’ to unclip. However, we also find it easy to simply bend and pull on the ‘rim’ of the dishes or bowls to separate without using the pull-tabs at all. Either method works just great!

      For EVERY adventure

      The ClipCroc® clip-together crockery range has been designed with every adventure and outdoor purpose in mind. Take it to picnics on the beach, BBQs in the park, pool parties on the patio or on your next road trip! The world’s most silent crockery has arrived allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey in peace and quiet. Completely rattle free, stacked securely together, easy to clean surface and built to last. The only question that remains is where will your next adventure take you? Enjoy ClipCroc®…silence at last!


      ClipCroc® is great for every camping trip, whether you’re hiking in the mountains, spending a night or two on the beach or pitching a tent at your favourite spot.


      Enjoy ClipCroc® on any of your favourite hobbies and adventures. It packs and stacks away super low profile and stays clipped together in your backpack.


      ClipCroc® ensures peace and quiet on any journey! No more rattling in the back of your caravan, motorhome or car thanks to the unique ClipQuiet™ feature!

      BBQs & PICNICS

      With the world’s first innovative ClipClean™ feature, simply clip all used crockery together to contain the mess and wash at a time convenient for you!

      Read what our customers have been saying!

      “…the ‘clip’ is just so satisfying!!…this really is a NEW-style of crockery…”


      Here’s what customers are saying about ClipCroc®!!

      CLIPCROC and the WAR on WASTE! 

      500 Billion single-use plates, dishes, bowls & cups are thrown to landfill

      EVERY YEAR! 


      The War on Waste

      One of the fundamentals of our reusable ClipCroc® range is the fact by using reusable plastic crockery when eating outside will stop billions of paper, plastic and styrofoam crockery from going into the bin, and most likely landfill. We’ve noticed that a campsite bin can be overflowing with paper plates after just a single weekend, so we’re keen to increase the use of reusable plates, bowls and dishes for all of those outside adventures!

      Oceans FULL of plastic

      “There will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050”, Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

      Single-Use Plastics

      According to recent reports, more than 70 percent of the plastic we produce is either put in a landfill or lost to the world’s waterways and other infrastructure. Washing Post, 2016

      The Reusable Revolution

      Government ministers at the Paris Convention 2018 suggest a ban at country level on single-use plastics is the way to tackle the ever-increasing amounts of disposable plates and cups thrown to landfill each year.

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