WandsPro® the Beginnings...

WandsPro® is a new and innovative outdoor brand that brings unique and inventive products to the outdoor and camping market.

Why WandsPro®

We pride ourselves on being obsessive in our quest to create truly world class products which are as innovative as they are functional. Located at the Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast, WandsPro® is a family run business which has been inspired by our three co-founders passion for all things outdoors. We have hiked, camped and travelled all over the world, are active enthusiasts in a diverse range of adventure sports and have a passionate hunger for only the highest quality products that are designed to perform and built to last.

We’ve spent over five years designing, testing and prototyping our unique product range to ensure that all our products work to the highest specifications possible. Our aim is to exceed expectation in everything we do. Above all, our goal is to bring products to the market that our customers are excited to use.

We’re really excited to launch the world’s first ever Clip-together Crockery Range, ClipCroc®.

The WandsPro Team enjoy the sun at their local Mooloolaba beach
The WandsPro Team (L-R Chris, Lindsey, Rich)



‘LOVE where you LIVE.’

The WandsPro® team are lucky to live in one of the world’s most beautiful places. Nestled between the magnificence of the Glasshouse Mountains and the beauty of the local beaches, we are privileged to call the Australian Sunshine Coast our home.

This picture shows one of our favourite spots, Point Cartright. Here you’ll find us surfing the waves at this beautiful point break, known as ‘Carties’ situated below the iconic lighthouse, or lying on the golden sandy beach soaking up the sun! Perhaps a BBQ with friends or a relaxing picnic to soak up the afternoon sun, we think we’re truly spoilt living here on the Sunshine Coast.

If you’re ever in the area, come and join us for a surf or a beach BBQ 🙂 Of course, we’ll be eating on ClipCroc®!

'Carties' - Our favorite surf break below the lighthouse
The local Glasshouse Mountains, the inspiration for our WandsPro® Logo

The WANDSPRO® story

What better reason is there to start the business you have always dreamed about than to experience a shark attack? The 13 strong shark frenzy back in 2012 on South Trigg beach in Perth, WA was the shove I needed to realise life is not only short, but unpredictable at best. I was waiting; waiting for ‘enough’ cash, waiting for romance, waiting for that perfect opportunity. The one tiger shark that broke away from its 12 buddies feeding off a dolphin carcass, gave me that extra drive to act now and act with priority. It was a heart-stopping moment and was the meanest, nastiest, most frightening thing ever! Being 100 feet from shore with a six-foot shark circling me, I had never before felt as vulnerable as I did in that moment. I deterred the shark a few times by spearing my surf board into the water in front of it, but thought I was going to lose my life or a limb that day. They say things happen for a reason, and shortly after my life changing experience, I met the girl I’d been waiting for and everything else fell into place. We both felt passionate about moving to Queensland, gaining the lifestyle we wanted, pursuing the entrepreneur path to creating outdoor and camping products for the adventurists of the world just like us! When I was joined by my twin brother who is just as passionate about adventure as my partner and me, my journey completely took off, just as I had envisioned. Here we are today in the Innovation Centre on the Sunshine Coast, living the adventure and designing products for the outdoors. Products where we refuse to compromise on quality, functionality and user-satisfaction.                                                                                                   Rich Wands


What inspired the ClipCroc® range? Our 4,500km car journey from Perth to Queensland was a very interesting learning experience for us. 6 days and nights of camping road trip, traveling along the Nullarbor Plains, stopping at various remote camping spots along the way, had us all frustrated and inspired. Why was it so difficult to stop our camping plates and bowls from rattling? Why did we start the journey with a lovely stack of 8 plastic plates and now we could only find 4? How were we going to store dirty dishes in the car until we found a washing-up facility? Our natural desire to find a solution to these common problems came into play and the journey was far from a silent one, not just because of the incessant rattling crockery, but more so from the bouncing around of ideas from our every waking moment.


Rich Wands Wandspro

Rich Wands

Industrial Designer (MEng, CEng, MIMechE)

Email: rich@wandspro.com

Put simply, I love what I do and do what I love. As a Chartered Mechanical Engineer, I’ve always had a passion for product design and the process of creating new products. As a multi award-winning Industrial Design graduate from Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, I enjoyed 12 years professional career as a mechanical design engineer working in numerous countries across four continents with some of the world’s largest and most prestigious engineering companies including Shell, Woodside, Weir Group, AGR, Heidelberg and Premier Oil. However, I knew designing my own unique and inventive product range would always give me the greatest pleasure.

In 2016 I was inspired to do just that and haven’t looked back. WandsPro® was born and I’m excited every day to see the designs and prototypes of our outdoor range becoming a reality.

Lindsey Cox Wandspro

Lindsey Cox

CEO: Marketing & Accounts (BSc hons)

Email: lindsey@wandspro.com

After quitting my day job after 14 years as a Registered Nurse, I could finally put all of my bottled up passions into a business that encourages adventure with a difference. I am delighted to be a co-founder of WandsPro® and a part of creating something new, fresh, innovative and fun. I am no stranger to getting outdoors and enjoying nature at its best, however I am frustrated by the uninspiring range of poor quality gear out there!

I am a mad keen camper, fisher woman and adventure junkie. I’m a sucker for fitness and I love to travel…my inspiration craves it! Nothing makes me feel more present in life than when I’m scouring the planet for the next adventure on offer. I’ve sky dived Australia and Africa, walked with lions, mountain biked and hiked my share of miles around America, camping along the way.

Chris Wands Wandspro

Chris Wands

Account Manager (BSc hons)

Email: chris@wandspro.com

For me, nothing gets my heart beating faster than being outside. As a keen snowboarder and surfer, I find I chase the snow and surf year round and fit my other passions for camping, hiking, and adventure sports into my free time! As an economics graduate from Strathclyde Business School, Scotland, I enjoyed my 12-year professional career as a sales manager in several of the largest healthcare organisations in the world such as Covidien, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and Medtronic. But, I felt there was still something missing to fulfil me completely.

I jumped straight into the chance of co-founding a company whose sights are on innovating new products with unique designs for the outdoor market. I’m excited to wake up every day, passionate about what we do, and keen to entice others to follow their dreams.


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