Going 'GREEN'

The most important fact here (that most people don’t know!) is that paper plates, bowls and cups have a ‘wax’ coating added during manufacture. This coating is actually a thin layer of sprayed on plastic polyurethane which helps make the cardboard waterproof and stronger. Unfortunatley, it’s virtually impossible to extract this layer from the plate/cup again and can therefore no longer be recycled and must go to landfill (Live Strong Article). Here at WandsPro® our aim is to operate with an environmental conscience, minimise our carbon footprint and do our bit for the environment wherever we can. We absolutely love the outdoors and we’re keen to keep it as green outside as possible. It’s actually our “green” mission that helped develop the idea of our ClipCroc® range during the design phase. Every time we camped or enjoyed a BBQ, we would always see so many paper and plastic plates being thrown away. We’d notice that a campsite bin was completely full of disposable plates, dishes and bowls. We started to ask the question why? We approached users and heard the most common reason was that it simply saved washing up at the end. This got us thinking! How could we design a plate, bowl or dish that didn’t need to be washed up immediately after use and could be transported mess-free to the dishwasher at home after the sun sets on that beach BBQ. This was precisely our inspiration for our ClipClean™ feature on our ClipCroc® products.


Our unique ClipClean feature allows the dirty crockery to be clipped together after your meal. This contains the food residue and means you have a perfectly clean stack to be packed into your bag for dishwashing at home. All you need to do is clip a clean piece of crockery on top and your ‘dirty’ stack which can be packed into even the cleanest of your duffle bags without food leakage. The results of this unique feature means there is no need to use disposable paper/plastic plates ever again.

Environmental Footprint

We’ve done some research and the results are in. Estimates from TheWorldCounts.com highlight the quantity of paper thrown away every day is increasing. Deforestation is one of the main environmental problems we’re facing in modern times. 42% of all global wood harvest is used to make paper. The quantity of paper plates, dishes and bowls that are thrown away is increasing every year. Estimates from Earth Distributors suggest that packaging makes up 1/3 or more of our trash. We’re serious about our environment and sustainability. By using reusable outdoor crockery, we can help minimise the waste and reuse our plastic crockery sets time and time again! We have minimalist packaging so you can be assured we are doing what we can to help our environmental footprint. Data from Grown NYC report that paper and paperboard in New York constitute 36% of the total amount of solid waste produced.

Environmental Statistics

Estimated reports from EarthDistributors.com in 2003 highlight that 64 billion paper cups and plates are thrown away every year in the USA alone. Add to this the 73 billion disposable Styrofoam/plastic cups and plates and you have over 137 billion waste items added to landfill yearly. Our aim was to create a reusable plastic crockery set that can be used time and time again wherever your adventures take you.