100% Australian Made

We’re very proud to have sourced an Australian based premium manufacturing partner located only one and a half hours drive south of our office on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Our aim was to ensure we were 100% Australian made and sought out the best local partners and manufacturers to make this happen. Our production partner has a deep understanding of quality plastic moulding production, tooling fabrication and we’ve worked tirelessley for 18months to bring ClipCroc® to life.

Since the whole ClipCroc® range is made locally, our WandsPro® team hand-inspect every single finished product, so we can guarantee high-quality craftsmanship and the perfect ‘clip’.  Our manufacturing partner is a well established family owned business based in Brisbane and the care and attention that goes into every product shines through in the quality outcome. It wasn’t easy to be 100% Australian made, but we’re so thrilled to have achieved this and love the fact that we’re supporting local jobs and the local manufacturing industry.

Our WandsPro® team 100% designed the ClipCroc range, using no 3rd party people of companies at all. We specialise in Computer Aided Design, CAD and by using our Brisbane based manufacturer,  we’re ensuring our ClipCroc® range is 100% Australia made by 100% local Australians.

100% Australian Packaging

Like our 100% Australian Manufacture, we have achieved a 100% Australian brand in our packaging choices too. We have sourced a local Brisbane based packaging company to ensure our brand uses 100% local suppliers. The packaging is designed in-house by our WandsPro® team with an environmentally friendly approach. This means no additional boxes, unnecessary cardboard or bulky packaging on the ClipCroc® range.

100% WandsPro® Design Team

Our in-house WandsPro® design team ensures that only the best design, functionality and quality products are signed off by us for manufacturer. In short our aim is to ensure our designs are highly innovative, with high quality and great functionality. At the end of the day, we’ve stamped our name on each and every one of our products and this only happens once we feel we’ve met our objectives and high standards.

100% locally based

We’re so proud to say that our WandsPro® team is 100% based locally on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. We love having a 100% Australian Camping brand which ties in with our ethos of our 100% Australian owned, designed and made company. We’re based in the Innovation Centre of the Sunshine Coast and absolutely love living and working here – we feel this is reflected in our unique designs and innovative products.