WandsPro® Pty ltd is a new and innovative camping brand which brings unique and inventive products to the outdoor and camping market.

Your Adventure ‘Just GO’

We’ve designed this range of crockery, so you can “Grab & Go” in super fast time! You’ll always find your plates, bowls and dishes clipped together and stacked perfectly in your cupboard for easy packing. We’re really keen campers and adventurers and found it took us hours, and in some cases days, to pack for a trip. We designed this crockery range to speed up the time it takes to pack for any outdoor activity, whether it’s a BBQ, Picnic or camping adventure. The unique features of the crockery range mean they are rattle-free when traveling, easy to stack, can be clipped together after use for cleaning at home, and come in a complete range including Plates, Dishes and Bowls. In short, your crockery will always be ready for your next adventure! We hope you enjoy using your clip-together crockery as much as we do.

Rich, Lindsey & Chris